Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Hobbitt House

This must be a hobbitt's cottage.  Look at the tiny screened side porch.  I can only imagine what lies beyond the front door.  There must be a soft chair filled with cushions that feel like a cloud and a shelf with books that stretches "all the way to the ceiling."  A bell cloche  enclosing  tiny, sweet pastries sits on a cotton tablecloth; and, a coffeepot (the old fashioned kind) perks on the stove.   January eye-candy for sure!
(Photo Credits:  http://emilialua1.tumblr.com via Pinterest)


Anne Higgins said...

Thanks for this intriguing picture!
It certainly stirs my imagination. Thanks also for offering the download of the color poem prompts. I will try them out.

I am enjoying following your blog.
Appreciate the background bird and water sounds, too.

antigonum cajan said...

Love is not a word I use often to describe anything, but this photo and the nature soundtrack are original beyond the blogosphere. Congratulations.

Jessica said...

I would just like to say you have a beautiful blog. Very adorable.

Marie said...

I am visiting you from Life on a Southern Farm. I noticed on your comment to her post that you are from AL. So am I, but I don't live there anymore. Still, my roots are there. Come by and visit if you get a chance! I am a painter, writer and quilter, and of course blogger...

Love this little cottage! Wouldn't this just be the most perfect playhouse for a child!