Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Are You Getting Any Sunshine?

The falling colors of a giant leaf storm have covered the ground.  Now, the rains are moving in, surely bringing with them a change in temperature that will be with us for weeks to come.  I love this time of year.  Some may call it dreary; others may dream of long ago summer; but, I smile as the earth slows down and takes a break from it's last 6 months or so of "busyness."  It invites every being to join the retreat.  What is any retreat without a book?

Browsing the shelves, I found several issues of Sunshine Magazine that I bought on eBay quite a few years ago.  The pocket-sized magazine is  filled with anecdotes and "happy" stories that you won't find on the six o'clock news these days. It was first published in Litchfield, Illinois, in 1924.  Doing a bit of research, I think it continued into the '60's,  though the place of publication changed to St.  Louis.  The booklet was called  a "feel good" publication because the wit and wisdom of its contents put a smile on your face. No gloomy skies on its pages!  It was a great read for all seasons.

So, what is bringing sunshine to your autumn?   Perhaps, you snapped a pic of the grey skies ...a view that will not ever be the same because the clouds will never be poised in that exact place again.  Or, you visited a small fall festival and sipped the best apple cider you've ever tasted!  Or, you potted some pansies and hung them on your back porch?  Or....you fill in the blanks!!!  Just be sure that you're getting some sunshine each and every day!

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Suz said...

I observed a maple shedding her leaves,they cascaded around her like a fallen gown. Oh she must have been smitten instantly by autumn,true and utter love

love your bird songs....i listen to nature cd's too....love them
they bring me cheer in the dead of winter...to hear my beloved robins...