Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sweet Pink Gypsy

Backyard Bohemia!

HAPPY PINK SATURDAY!  Summer seems to bring out the gypsy spirit in everyone.  Quick day trips to local places, weekend drives to the beach, and the one week, once a year getaway set the eternal bohemian free!  This gypsy wagon painted pretty pink has hopefully seen many road adventures for may years.  Now it offers a perfect backyard retreat to plan the next journey.  I love the florals and the cute bench out front.  If you peek through the door,  there are sweet, pink curtains to entice you to step inside to dream.

For more Happy Pink Saturday Posts, visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound, our gracious hostess.  She has many links to sites that love pink, especially on Pink Saturdays!  Happy trails! (Photo by tumblr)


monah said...

My cat is "talking" in response to your bird sounds. Cute.
Lovely post.

Nicole Blean said...

Oh, I love the pink wagon! Yes, the gypsy spirit is calling me on a road trip, too. I am so glad I found your blog on pink Saturdays. I am your newest follower.

Mary said...

OMGosh! Very cool. Where did you find such a treasure?

Jingle said...


Chris said...

pretty in pink - how adorable! Happy Saturday

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I want to see inside! It's adorable! Happy Pink Saturday! Twyla

Aunt Snow said...

Wow, what a great wagon. I just just imagine how cozy and cute it is inside.

Happy Pink SAturday!

Kathy said...

Your birdie sounds made me happy on this hot, humid gloomy day with the sound of my A/C unit in my art room...(PLUS central A/C)reminds me of a cooler day with windows open. Anyways...I love this wagon, I love all gypsy wagons, always have been kind of captivated by them. But pink??? right up my alley. wonderful post...happy trails to us all, if only in our minds. xo

Jorgelina said...

Happy pink saturday!
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The theme of the party are the fairies.
On 24 June, "World Day of the fairies".
You can wear a button to your blog.
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LV said...

Loved seeing your pink gypsy wagon. They used to be very popular back year ago. Have not even thought of one in ages. Nice to see one again especially in pink.