Thursday, April 28, 2011

Praying for Our State News

This is the video of my hometown as the tornadoes ripped through yesterday.  My heart is breaking as I look at the buildings that hold so many childhood memories leveled.  Loss of human life across Alabama is now at 128, and with search and rescue today, predictions are that number will rise significantly.  Please pray for everyone across the nation who has been affected by these monstrous storms.


Mac n' Janet said...

The weather here in the south has been horrible this spring, my heart goes out to all the people affected by it. The destruction and loss of life has been beyond belief. Hopefully it will get better.

Tracy Bentley said...

I live in Central Alabama. We did not have any damage just no power. Cullman and Tuscaloosa and parts of Birmingham was real hit hard. My prayers goes out to everyone.

PrincessMommyPants said...

How heartbreaking to see the video and the devestation. Still praying for our friends and neighbors here in TN and our neighbors in the South who have been hit even harder. Much <3 from us all