Monday, March 7, 2011

To Do List

Spring break is almost here!  A break from the tutoring.  I know that my students are so excited, for most will be heading to the beach.  Though this morning's 30 degree temp gives the shivers, the weather man is promising the 70's by midweek.  I won't be heading to the beach for Spring break. (:    I have a mile long "to do" list, and I would love to be able to be able to cross through a few items by March 19th.  Spring brings such beauty and warm fuzzy feelings for nature.  It also brings lots of Spring decluttering and sprucing up a bit!  Do you have a "to do" list for the next few weeks that will help welcome Spring?

Paint the "classroom"!  ( My home classroom where I tutor so needs this paint job!)
Organize classroom books and supplies AGAIN!
Wash window valances in classroom and clean those blinds!

Clothes Closet DETAIL!!!  (Donate, donate, donate)!

Pressure clean decks.
Paint decks.
Paint lawn furniture.

If one sliver of  time remains, begin organizing for a May yard sale.  This includes decluttering the basement!

Now, that is the SHORT list!!!


I'm adding a few fun frills as a payoff for each task completed and a week well served! 

Spring flowers to sit gracefully on those newly painted decks.
A couple of new outfits to hang in my decluttered closet.

A beautiful wall hanging for my classroom.  This will give me a chance to dabble in my forgotten altered art!

For now, it's time to hit the books and attend an expo to market my tutoring service.  Have a blessed day!  Don't forget to include a few fun things on that to do list!!!

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Jennifer said...

Hmm..what are a few of the things on my Spring To-Do list.

1. Build a chicken coop
2. Finish the floor and paint in the dining room and kitchen.
3 Yard Sale!

Think I will stop there, those are the big ones. Despite the extra work the warmer weather has been wonderful!