Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Pansy of Osaka

This morning I potted this small sampling of  "johnny jump ups" from my pansy garden.  I love the blues and purples and bright oranges.  I decided to do a little research on the pansy.  I found that it is the flower of Osaka, Japan.  On this Sunday, let us remember those who are suffering and will continue to weather so many challenges in Japan and other areas touched by the earthquake and tsunami.  I look at my small pot of pansies a bit differently now, just as I'm sure all of the world thinks a bit more solemnly about nature's power since last weekend. 


Marydon said...

Beautiful write of thoughts & share ...

Happy Spring ~

Cat & Cricket said...

This is a GREAT post!! Seriously... it would be something cool to design something with those pansies to help the people of Japan....
Have a great day!

rebecca said...

thank you, i had no idea.
how perfect as johnny jump ups make their appearance almost every where as the first flowers of spring.

we are climbing closer to our goal of a shelterbox for japan.

come take a look!

Margaret Pangert said...

That is amazing, Marilyn! But I don't believe in conincidence any more, just synchronicity. This was meant to be discovered by you just at this time. Something ephemeral and beautiful will happen to you and Osaka at the same moment.