Tuesday, March 15, 2011

No Sofa?

Checking out House Beautiful's site this morning, I saw in print what my heart knew all along.  No sofa is required in a living room.  I grew up in the era when there was a "formal living room."  That room was reserved for Sunday guests and very special gatherings.  Usually the French provincial sofa was covered in plastic to protect it until those special and very few moments occurred.  The everyday "living room" consisted of a fireplace with comfortable chairs.  My Aunt Ella, such a dear lady from the Victorian days, had a very chic daybed in that room. Comfy, comfy!!  Seeing this in House Beautiful this morning brought back some memories of earlier times when comfortable chairs, usually rockers were used around a warm fire for weekdays.  This one looks a bit more formal than I remember, but it works just the same! (Photo from House Beautiful)


Mac n' Janet said...

We call it the insurance salesman room because we only use it if we have to.

GrandmaK said...

My but it does look comfy! And attractive room to sit in too! Cathy

Tess said...

We never sat in the living room as kids. That room was for adults and company. We were always in the kitchen when not in our bedrooms, on the porch or outside. I'd love a room decorated like the one you've shown us here. Pretty.