Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sweet Lamb's Ear

Lamb's Ear and French Lavender are two perennials that have made it through the snows of Winter in my garden.  Though the stalks are brittle, the lavender has kept its wonderful fragrance.  There are signs of new growth at the base, a bit of green peeking through.  The lamb's ear leaves are so velvety, ignoring the flakes that covered them for days during January.  Lamb's ear is such a unique plant with its textured, silver leaves. It blooms sweetly with purple flowers.   The plant multiplies like crazy, so it's great to fill in bare spots in the garden.  These pictures are from the web.  Since my own plants are still "waking up," they will have their "photo shoot" in March.  What plants are you watching come to life on these February days? (Photos from the Web)

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Linda Chapman said...

My lavender didn't make it through the summer!! I over watered but will try it again...this time in a different location! I do not have any lamb's ear but will get some soon. My rosemary and mint can survive anything apparently! Even unusual Texas winters!! As well as Texas summer heat!