Sunday, January 2, 2011

Take What You Can Carry

(Photo from Anthropologie)

I have been blissfully visiting several of my favorite store websites this weekend.  Just...window shopping for inspiration.  This cute tote speaks volumes with its sage advice.  It's available for $198.00 at Anthropologie.  Now, that is indeed one of my favorite stores for browsing the clearance shelf, but I think "na da chance" on this little number.  HOWEVER, wouldn't it be keen to use some of the fabric that I have been saving FOREVER to create an original?  How difficult could it be?  Well, it would mean taking a risk, albeit a small one of cutting into the beautiful cloth that languishes in my notions chest.

Hmmm..other thoughts came to mind.........thoughts of ....
While there are no guarantees that my tote will be as perfect as this one or the fabric will not be ruined, there is a promise that leaving the comfort zone will be worth it.  A very primitive analogy, but it works. It gives reason to pause and ask myself, "What do I really need to carry to 2011 to jump start my risk taking?"
  NO RESOLUTIONS! They turn into revolutions...around and around...ending up where I started.
The answer comes easily. I must carry infinite faith into the upcoming days and  step away from my comfort zone.  Yes, that is what I need most at this moment in my life.  My mantra for the New Year:

 "I abide in infinite faith."   

What is your mantra for 2011?


E. Charlotte said...

I like your mantra! (And your idea about making your own tote!) Even if it isn't perfect it will be hand-made, and that much more wonderful! Your blog is adorable! I just stumbled on you, and I will definitely return! :) Happy New Year!

barbarasaintjacques said...

Go for it Marilyn.... I know it will be lovely.... and you will be so happy with it when it is finished. Happy New Year. <3 Always, Barbara