Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Book of All Seasons!

From This

To This!

I'm beginning to feel like a bit of a relic!  I grew up greeting Mom's perennial Old Farmer's Almanac with its yellow cover.  Well, like everything else, that amazing annual publication that tells you everything you'd ever want to know about gardening, astrology, folklore...GREAT available for 2011 in digital form!  It's only $4.95.  You can bookmark pages and print.  Gotta have it!

I once thought that buying best sellers on digital would never be for me. Yet, with periodicals and the one-time reads, I'm beginning to say yes to technology.  It makes sense.  Think of all the trees we're saving, and  digital is an effortless way of bringing some clutter control to our lives.  But, for poetry and such, I'll keep to the traditional. (Photos from Old Farmer's Almanac)

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