Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall Garden

The ground is warm with 86 degrees showing on the thermometer, but that will soon change in the next couple of weeks.  One flower that says "Bring on the cold!" is the pansy.    I planted fifteen pansies this morning, and they will be joined by more later this week.  Here are two of the newcomers. Yes, the pansies are claiming  the raised beds as their own, except for one lone pepper plant.  The pepper plant has not said its last hurrah! It still enjoys soaking in the water droplets and offering more bright green "pods."   Gardens offer wonderful things for every season.  What is growing in your garden today?

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Deborah said...

Hi! Nothing is my garden except for the pumpkins!! I only plant pansy's in the spring, I never thought of them as a fall flower and they are one of my favorites. I always buy pansy's in the spring...tradition!!
It is cool now and if I did get plants it would be MUM's. This is the first year I didn't buy them!!