Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Fiesta

A "Bountiful" Tiered Tray
The jewel tones of my favorite season are everywhere except the trees this year.  Lack of rain has kept the leaves from putting on their fall finery.  Nature always finds a way to compensate though.  She's a "make do" lady.  Orange pumpkins are stealing the show, and look at the gourds of cream and green.  Sweet, red apples hang from the trees, and the brown acorns are delighting the squirrels.  The rains are now coming.  With thunder, lightning, and a steady downpour last night and more, more, more this week, the remaining leaves are getting a "rain check" for their Fall show!   (Photos from Country Home)

Pumpkin Cornucopia
Simple Leaf Planter

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Oh my...lovely....just lovely....