Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Cawing Crows

It's a cool, rainy morning here in the South.  The rain is much needed after more than fifty days of temps in the high 90's with heat indexes up to 115 degrees.  It's a good time to start having morning coffee on the screened porch.  Today I had a couple of crows serenade me from a faraway pine.  The picture is very hazy through the screen and the mist, but I hope that you can find them on the left, perched high on the pine's limbs.  They cawed for at least 20 minutes in unison.  Then, they took to the skies and who knows where they are by now.  I have great plans for this morning's rain.  You can see them on the table next to my coffee cup.  My Victoria magazine, the first Autumn issue is calling.  Have a blessed and delightful day!

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