Thursday, June 10, 2010

To the Gypsy that Remains

The time:  1957-1961
Maybe it's the flip flops and the summer breeze this morning that remind me of the wanderlust in a young Southern girl's soul during those June, July, and August days of so long ago.  This post is based on an earlier one from March, 2009, when I was redecorating a small bedroom a la Boho Chic.  I think when the gypsy blood is in your soul, it appears from time to time without any coaxing.  Looking at the car in the above pic, the gypsy caravan shown in the background is from recent years.  It was noted on the pic that cars were lined up for miles beyond the caravan!  No hurry, stay happy!  (Flickr Photo)

From time to time during the late 50's and early 60's, a "band" of gypsies travelled through our little German farming community in Alabama. How their visits intrigued me!! Perhaps, the fascination was sparked by the moms "shooing" us in from summer play once word had spread that the gypsies were in town. All of a sudden the yards were cleared, the screen doors locked, and mothers peeped from curtained windows. Soon a dusty, old car with more than a few dents would pass by with laughing and singing carolling out the rolled down windows. Sometimes, the car would stop. Two or three of the wanderers would rap on the door. Back then, the screen doors were simple. So, you could hear every word without unlocking the "eye hook." One of the ladies would offer to tell fortunes. Being told no, one of the men would inquire about odd jobs. Usually, no takers were to be found because the Bohemian lifestyle didn't lend itself to the June and Ward Cleavers. I felt so sorry for the colorful visitors. They seemed to be so misunderstood. There were stories that the gypsies were thieves, but I never saw or heard of any incidents. They were eclectics...true to themselves. The ladies wore the brightly colored skirts and peasant tops....lots of bling!!! The men always wore white shirts with jeans! Here's to wanderlust!  It sparked one little girl's imagination and put the gypsy in her soul!  One of my friends tells me that she wouldn't be surprised to find "moi" with a knapsack one day ready to take a ride in an old jalopy just seein' the world!   Wanderlust...pure poetry to the gypsy's soul!


Emma Rose said...

I remember the Gypsy's from my childhood too. I think my Grandmother secretly wanted to be one of them :)

The Duchess

Tipper said...

Wonderful post! I don't ever remember seeing Gypsys-but I did often hear-"be good or we'll sell you to the Gypsys" I was only told that in a teasing playful way-I knew no one was going to sell me no matter how bad I acted : ) But like you-I often wondered what those Gypsys lived like and if they had adventures every day of their lives.

barbarasaintjacques said...

What a wonderful story. I would have loved to see a real gypsy when I was that age. And, would have loved to have a gypsy tell my fortune. I can remember when I was little, my mother sang a song about the gypsies: "There's a story, that the gypsy told to me, that if your love wears golden earrings, she'll belong to me. So be my gypsy and let love be your guiding star, and let that pair of golden earrings, cast a spell on me tonight". I think I was a gypsy in a past life! xoxo Barbara