Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spring Wishlist!

Yes, it's 29 degrees out the window today, but is that any reason to keep Spring thoughts in the distance? I should say not! It's time to start looking for some simple items to get ready for Spring's arrival. It's time to start a wishlist! All of the items shown on this post are part of Country Living's online catalog. The site introduced their shopping cart sometime last year, and there are some very unique items to select. Is it any wonder that birdhouses rule on this post? The feathered wonders give so many hours of enjoyment with their bright colored plummage, sweet chirps, and lilting songs...all freebies just for lookin' and listenin'. So, adding a few more bird feeders is a small price to pay for their concerts on a Spring/Summer evening. The red cardinal "whirligig" is simply for fun. Then, the solar light jar is a great alternative to candles on the screened porch or deck. Click here to create your own Spring wishlist.


Tess said...

I want that solar light jar. What a great idea.... All of the birdhouses you chose are just lovely. Ok mother nature...wake up Spring!!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

We have some new "old" birdhouses to hang soon and I just ordered my wishlist gift just for me today. :) Great post!