Thursday, March 4, 2010

Je Reviens

Yesterday I was reminiscing with a friend about those teenage years back in the 1960's! Somehow, favorite perfumes from that era "wafted" into the conversation. Of course, wearing the right fragrance as a teen was so important. The right scent could affect your entire life! My favorite was Ambush by Dana. Now, some girls preferred Tabu by the same company. One thing was certain. If you were in my small town and shopped at the SuperX (the actual name)drug store, you were loyal to one of the two scents! I did some research on Ambush this morning. It was actually introduced in 1955, several years before I was even thinking perfume. I love the pic of the bottle. It's just what I remember with the bright pink cap. The ad must be from its introduction into the world of fragrances. I remember the slogan, "A romance in every bottle." But, the lady in the pic eludes me!

Eventually, the teen turned 20. My tastes became so sophisticated! We had moved from the small rural town to the big city, and when I saw Je Reviens at the perfume counter...WELL, heart be still! After all, I had taken two years of French in high school, and I knew that those words spoke pure romance, "I Remember." Perhaps, every future boyfriend would long remember me because of the florals in that bottle. Plus, I loved the "blue" packaging. Checking the history of Je Reviens, it was actually first marketed in 1932. WOW! I can dream that some of the "flappers" from the Roaring 20's probably found that scent in the 30's to be as captivating as I did so many decades later! The "speakeasy" was probably drenched with the scent. Perfumes have a way of writing their autobiography when they ooze romance!

I can still smell Ambush and Je Reviens. They are still available. I am so tempted to order a bottle of each! Would I wear them? If I did, would someone "remember?" What was your favorite fragrance?


Marydon Ford said...

Oh, yes, I do remember these scents.

So highly allergic to perfume, I struggled finding any I could wear ... Chanel No. 5 I occasionally could tolerate.

Since 1979 I've worn Opium, oooo-la- la!, with no issues & LOVE it!

TY for the memories.

Have a beautiful day ~
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Pat Winter said...

As a 12 to 15 year old I loved Loves Baby Soft and after that I actually loved Jovan Musk and L'Oregon?????It was orange and in a roller bottle. Talk about liking strong scents. Now I love the Malai by Holister. It is a gentle fragrance that smells so clean.

Deborah said...

I remember those scents too! I loved Emeraude! Still do :)
This was a nice post and it brought back a lot of nice memories!!!