Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Feng Shui New Year!

I keep looking at the spacious shelves! Is it really my basement? That's what I keep asking myself after spending three hours yesterday clearing the clutter. I unpacked boxes and sorted items that have been lurking down there since we moved here three years ago. Why did I put the job off for so long? Oh, what a great feeling to have a "decluttered" basement to walk through. It was a painful process! Some things had to go, and I was brutal when sending each item to one of three "stacks"....donate, discard, keep! Keep was a small heap! Now the time is right to bring Feng Shui to the space. One rule of Feng Shui for the basement, which would be considered a storage area, is to keep 20-25% of the space empty. That won't be a problem now that I faced the clutter demon head on! Actually, the Feng Shui is an afterthought. A few years ago I followed its principles about desk arrangement, etc. in my small home office. It actually seemed to invite a calmer atmosphere. So, today I want to spend some time checking out ideas for bringing peace and calm via Feng Shui to my beautiful NEW basement.
Are any of you decluttering for the New Year? Will you be using Feng Shui to "decorate" your uncluttered space?


Deborah said...

I am decluttering for the New Year also. I started on my bedroom and rearranged my room. It looks awesome. I bought a new bedspread and curtains! I love it!
Next is my sons room :) It feels so nice to declutter! Happy New Year!
My daughter did her room also!

barbarasaintjacques said...

De-cluttering will have to wait until Spring as we are leaving for Florida soon and will return sometime in March! Entirely new for us. I cannot wait however, to work on a clean sweep once we return. Happy New Year Marilyn. xoxoxBarbara