Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall Festival Time

Yesterday I posted pictures of my granddaughter, Anna Marie and her Mom and Dad at the Pumpkin Patch. Today I'm posting a couple of pics of Anna and her Nana, Kathey, at a Fall Festival. Kathey is Anna's paternal grandmother. Special times are even better when they are shared between generations. As you can see, Anna and her Nana had a ball at the festival. Last weekend was a work weekend for me, but the pictures are so fun to see! Hey, Fall isn't over! There's still time for me to catch a couple of festivals with Anna and the gang! I'll keep you posted (literally!)!!! Here's to beautiful Autumn!!! Ahh...smell the leaves!!!

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Mountain Woman of Red Pine Mountain said...

What fabulous pictures. It is so true that sharing between generations makes a good day even better.
Anna is adorable.