Monday, September 21, 2009

Tasha's Autumn

The rain continues to fall this morning. Thunder is heard in the distance. Thank goodness, it's a day that no errands need to be tended to. Autumn is arriving right on time. The cottonwood's leaves have left their branches and are strewn in the side yard. The birds are busy at the peanut butter suet feeder. Those aviators will need lots of energy to make it to their winter retreat. These are the days that memories flood the mind, just as the raindrops flood the creeks and rivers. . Nature is getting ready to quietly go to sleep for the long winter ahead. Remembrances never sleep. The photo on this post is in remembrance of Tasha Tudor, one of my favorite author/illustrators. Though Tasha is no longer with us, her simple New England lifestyle lives on in many cherished books and beautiful artwork. The picture makes me want to curl up with hot chocolate and reread her words once again. I hope that everyone is having a blessed day with time to reflect on the good things.

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Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

I was just looking at one of her books this morning while working on my bookshelf. She has been such an inspiration to so many, including me! And don't you just love all her Corgi pictures, drawings and stories! Thank you for the wonderful idea for reflection today.
A lovely day to you! Coralie