Thursday, September 24, 2009

Is That October I Hear?

How did you spend the first day of Autumn? I spent it hibernating. We have been recovering from the "flu" around here, so I just wanted to "chill" as my students would say. It was a bit hard to chill with temps reaching near 90 degrees...but, that was outside. The fur babies and I just napped most of the day away...oh, how they do love a "no work" day!! In the afternoon, we shared treat time...They had their Blue Dog Bakery Molasses bones, and I had the most scrumptious piece of cinnamon-pecan pastry! It was a great break away from the hustle and bustle of errands and phones and emails and information overload. We all need more days of nothing, don't we? Perhaps, that is why I have always looked to Thoreau in my idle moments. Did that guy know how to live, or what? Two years at Walden Pond spent observing the seasons of creation must have been pure bliss. The following Thoreau quote is taken from Autumnal Tints, published in 1862 in The Atlantic Monthly. As we greet October next week, I'll be sharing more of Thoreau. Are you a Thoreau enthusiast? If so, you might like to visit this link and read the entire article.

October is the month of painted leaves. Their rich glow now flashes round the world. As fruits and leaves and the day itself acquire a bright tint just before they fall, so the year near its setting. October is its sunset sky; November the later twilight. ~~Henry David Thoreau


Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Oh yes! I certainly am a Thoreau enthusiast! I'll check out that site too...thanks for the link! Have a wonderful day!

tipper said...

So sorry you've been sick-hopefully your all better now. I'm excited about fall!!