Monday, August 17, 2009

Claudette is Coming!

The ocean has been so quiet this summer. There has been no sign of a violent storm in the Gulf. Although I live 350 miles inland, severe weather in the Gulf of Mexico affects us sometimes in a big way. The years of the worst storms...hurricanes.. in my lifetime...2004 and 2005...found even those far from the coast boarding up windows and scrambling. The intensity of the storms was never on a similar scale when I was growing up. If the coast had a hurricane, we just got a little bit more rain and read about our southern neighbors in the newspaper. Things have certainly changed. After peace and quiet for much of the last two years, Claudette is making her way to our state. She is only a tropical storm, but those can produce tons of rainfall and high winds...even 350 miles inland. Our best chance for the deluge is this evening. Claudette has invited friends to follow her! Ana and Bill are on their way to the party, though Ana is a bit fickle. Could be that she decides not to show up at all! Bill....he's a different story. I DO love stormy weather! Call me crazy, but as the skies darken, I am actually looking forward to the wind and rain...a great lullaby duo!


barbarasaintjacques said...

I love the ocean. Love your photo. Hope all is well and not too scary.

Dr. Denise Tucker said...

Love the picture. Wish I was there!

Denise Tucker, author of Keeping House, A Madame President Mystery and OWOH blogger!