Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ice Cream--YUM!

I have always enjoyed ice cream occasionally, but this summer I have CRAVED ice cream. It started with Edy's Butter Pecan Yogurt Blend. Then since Edy's was on sale for a couple of weeks, I continued to try lots of other yogurt blends. While grocery shopping last Friday I was thinking maybe it was time for a change. OH, THE CHOICES! How is a girl supposed to decide between all of the yummy choices that have names that tempt every taste bud? I decided on Mayfield's Birthday Cake ice cream. There should be a warning on the box! Over my perfect weekend the contents in that box dwindled to ....well, I am so embarrassed...but, yesterday at lunch the last scoop tasted just as good as the first. If Mayfield stocks in your area and you haven't tried this flavor, do yourself a favor and enjoy! I think that WalMart has a Great Value brand with the same flavor name, but I can't do my commercial for that one...YET!!! I intend to purchase it today and do a taste test! LOLOL!!! I think it's one of the perks of growing older. We learn to appreciate different tastes..so, after this summer, ice cream is right up there at the top of my list along with my acquired taste for pizza, cake icing, and hot dog buns! In my younger and, might I add, skinnier days pizza was yucky, icing too sweet, and breads were bland. Now it's all good! Birthday Cake ice cream is the best!


Jennifer said...

So did you ever try the Wal-Mart brand? Was it as good? Now I am craving ice-cream and all I have in the freezer is a couple lemon Popsicles (all the other flavors were eaten already). We are usually die hard "Bunny Tracks" or peanut butter ice cream fans around here but might just have to try your kind someday.

Michelle said...

Hi Marilyn!

I was just going through my older posts and just saw your comment. Have missed you and I'm so sorry for not stopping by more often. I have been terrible lately about visiting blogs. My life has gotten so busy but after yesterday I am going to stick around home this week and catch up and finish some projects I have started. Okay, I have NEVER seen birthday cake ice cream. This sounds heavenly!!

Hope all has been well with you.

Lots of hugs..xoxo

Michelle :)