Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer BBQ

O’ summer barbeque ,
I remember you fondly in my dreams of yesteryear,
As if it were this day when oak and mesquite burned high,
And the smell flowed through the summer breeze
As family and friends, children and cousins,
Waited for brisket, chicken and sausage, potato salad, beans and slaw,
To make it’s round toward us beneath the grand old oak trees.
I see the old black and white photograph of an era long ago,
Of family sitting beneath the old hickory tree waiting for the meat,
And singing, in glorious voices, to the swing,
Laughing at us kids as we stomped and romped to the music’s beat.
O’ how I long for that simple time of youthful innocence,
As we played beneath a grand old oak tree
At the family barbeque when I was three.

(Original Post from The Vintage Network by Sharon)

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Tess said...

Oh I remember those days fondly as well. For me it was running with cousins on my Uncles farm. Eating pork and fresh corn on the cob. Taking turns cranging the ice cream churn. Thanks for the memories. (A new set of cousins are playing at the same farm this week creating another generation of memories.)