Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Terra Cotta Beauty!

A really easy project that I tried yesterday to dress up my terra cotta pots turned out great!! It was inspired by The Vintage Workshop newsletter. So, I wanted to share the idea with you. Here are the steps!

1. Print out the vintage seed packet pic above on regular paper. You could also use the front of a packet from a recent planting!
2. Decoupage/adhere the pic onto your terra cotta pot. If it is an outside pot, be sure to use a water sealant.
3. Glue on lace, ric-rac, buttons...your choice!!!! (I found some cute bee stickers to attach)

Enjoy!!! Now how simple is that?


Tess said...

That is a beautiful seed packet but I want to see a pic of your finished pot. I'm sure it's real pretty.

Michelle said...

Great idea! Do you have a picture we can see? :)