Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Simple Bookcase Makeover

Now why didn't I think of that??? I ask myself that question many times when I am browsing decorating magazines. Southern Living has this makeover tip. Paint the inside back of bookcases a different color to make art and other display items "pop." How simple!!! The bookcases shown here are built-ins. But, free standing would probably work just as well. Another project!! I have 2 white "towers" in the basement that could use a little Spring "pick me-up." I'm thinking luscious lavender. The neat thing is that the color could easily be changed for the seasons!!! I have never thought of hanging a picture on the back of the shelf. Have any of you tried that? I just go for the on the shelf a standing frame!! Lots of inspiration everywhere this time of year! (Photo from Southern Living)

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