Monday, April 13, 2009

"Gussied-Up" Umbrella

Might as well "gussie-up" an umbrella to brighten up these rainy days! Just use a metallic marker. Add edging with craft glue! Enjoy the raindrops! (Photo from Better Homes and Gardens)


bigbucketgirl said...

We did this with the kids last year...they were forever losing umbrellas at school and so it jollied up the umbrellas and meant that no one could take one that wasn't theirs by mistake!

my daughter wrote bits from singing in the rain...and we're sure it made people smile!

i found your blog today're my spring swap partner!

i'm hoping to have five minutes later to enjoy a good coffee and read your blog to see what you would like..i tend to sew things...would that be ok?

Sophia Rose said...

The umbrella is a great idea!!! I think I might give it a whirl....I have to find a metallic marker first.
Enjoy your day!!

Tess said...

Oh I love this, what a neat idea. I have fringed an umbrella before but never thought of drawing on it. :-)

Anonymous said...

That's a pretty neat idea. I would have never thought of it. Hope your Easter was great!!!!!


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