Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Flowers Speak Volumes!

Flowers are writers! In the 19th century, a well chosen bouquet created a message. Those who were educated knew the accepted meanings of flowers and foliage. So, putting together the various blooms and greenery was much like writing a note for others who were versed in the "flora reading group." Do you speak "flora?" The bouquets listed below inspire one to learn the language of flowers!

Blue Violets and forget-Me-Nots with Ivy~~~~faithful and true love

Cabbage rose and Lupines~~~~desire for one's company (very romantic)

Orange blossoms and Acacia leaves~~~~desire for friendship only

Tulips and Peonies~~~~admiration for another's beautiful eyes

Oleander branch, lavender, tuberose~~~~distrust for "dangerous pleasures"

Hollyhock with Sweet-Peas~~~~sweet, innocent pleasures

Buttercups with Daisies~~~~love of nature

Honeysuckle~~~~generous and devoted affection

Pansies with Red Poppies, Marigolds, or Pine Branches~~~~sympathy, despair, pity

Oak Branches~~~~hospitality

Sweet Basil, Parsley, Mint, and Sage~~~~praise for the hostess and the hospitality

White Rose Bud (one only)~~~~ sent to one who broke another's heart declaring the receiver to be cold-hearted and arrogant

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Valerie said...

the language of flowers is new to me. thanks for the info. it's very interesting.