Sunday, March 29, 2009

Toad Frog Houses

Yesterday I reminisced about strawberry pickin'. Thinking about that time spent in berry "patches" brought another memory to mind....building toad frog houses in the cotton fields!!! In the summer, Mom and I would go early in the morning (like 7 a.m.) to relatives' fields to help "chop" cotton. Every now and then I was allowed to do a bit of the chopping, but my mornings were usually spent building toad frog houses. For those of you who might never have had the pleasure of building a toad's home, take note! At the end of the crop rows I would "mound" dirt over one of my bare feet. Then I would carefully "walk-out" of the little cave. There would be a nice little opening for a toad to slip into when he was hot! Frogs need cool, dark, and damp hideaways. At least the tiny house provided the cool and dark. Of course, they were only temporary....very temporary. Sometimes, they fell as my foot slid out; but, with the patience sparked by a child's imagination, I tried again and again until the "doorway" was just perfect. Then I tiptoed quietly away.

Quite by accident, while looking online for garden ornaments, I found several fancy toad houses. Some were made of resin, others of stone. The one pictured here is the one that I've ordered. But, the ones that I will make with my little granddaughter this summer will be the old fashioned kind. You can't buy those with money. It will be a mound of dirt with a few wildflowers sprinkled on top. Of course, we'll have to check quite often for signs of a new owner!!!

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Valerie said...

i've never heard of toad houses. i always thought the toads will dig into the mud or hide in trees and under rock cravesses. thanks for this interesting info. the toad house you ordered looks very pretty.