Saturday, March 28, 2009

Strawberry Pickin' Time

This time of the year sparks lots of wonderful memories! Farms that grew berries in the Spring and cotton during the Summer were neighbors to my childhood home. From April through May, my cousin's strawberry "patch" was filled with the sweetest smell! My mom and I would rise early on Saturday mornings to meet other like minded ladies and pick a few "cups" which were actually small, woven square baskets. No men were present. They were tending to other chores...So, there was lots of "lady" talk...always spiced with a dash of gossip... After the morning picking, everyone would gather in the farm house to "cap" a few of the red gems by removing the green leafed tops. Then the berries were rinsed and placed in depression glass dessert bowls. A few tablespoons of sugar and a bit of cream topped off their sweet goodness. My, oh my, the life of a country girl! I am thankful for my childhood home....the grass, the trees, the flowers, the garden, the nearby fields!! A more privileged life could not have been found in a castle!


Ragamuffin Gal said...

OOO Yum! I made a strawberry shortcake for our small group this week! I could absolutely fall into those carry alls and be happy!
Have you seen the new Mary Jane's Farm Girl magazine for this month? You would love it!

Bev said...

Hi sweetie your memories remind me of when I used to visit a farm (was from the city) once a month and helped with the chores. I love that life so later in life I found myself living that life and still do some gardening (in raised beds) and canning too!!! Making more memories!!! I can just smell those strawberries ..hehehe!!!

Tess said...

What wonderful memories. My grandmother had a small strawberry patch in her back yard. No one but no one was allowed beyond the fence. I vaguely remember those strawberries. I do remember diggin' taters with grandpa and my little rother though.

Polly said...

How well I remember those strawberry fields and how tired I would get picking them. The ride home became filled with anticipation of what awaited us when the berries were washed, capped and ready to devour!! Not a hint of fatigue was left and I was ready to go back and pick some more the next day with mom, aunts and even grandma. Lovely, lovely memories. The picture with the bright red berries in their stark white baskets is just beautiful. Thanks ever so much for sharing this memory.