Saturday, March 7, 2009

Boho Chic

My journey continues for just the right look for redecorating my smallest bedroom. This pic is "Boho Chic" at its best! I REALLY like this because it brings back memories of my small town 50's childhood. From time to time a "band" of gypsies travelled through our little German farming community in Alabama. How their visits intrigued me!! Perhaps, the fascination was sparked by the moms "shooing" us in from summer play once word had spread that the gypsies were in town. All of a sudden the yards were cleared, the screen doors locked, and mothers peeped from curtained windows. Shortly thereafter, a dusty, old car with more than a few dents would pass by with laughing and singing carolling out the rolled down windows. Sometimes, the car would stop. Two or three of the wanderers would rap on the door. Back then, the screen doors were simple. So, you could hear every word without unlocking the "eye hook." One of the ladies would offer to tell fortunes. Being told no, one of the men would inquire about odd jobs. Usually, no takers were to be found because the Bohemian lifestyle didn't lend itself to the June and Ward Cleavers. I felt so sorry for them. They seemed to be so misunderstood. There were stories that the gypsies were thieves, but I never saw or heard of any incidents. They were eclectics...true to themselves. The ladies wore the brightly colored skirts and peasant tops....lots of bling!!! The men always wore white shirts with jeans! I salute "Boho Chic!" The bright colors and travel case in this bedroom are so true to the character of the style. Wanderlust...pure poetry from the gypsy's soul! This might be the one!(Photo from Country Living)


Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Great post! I love your written words and the colors you've pictured here are luscious!

Kelly said...

I can almost picture them driving down a street someplace~Driving around, free-spirited and full of wanderlust, is right!