Friday, February 27, 2009

Inviting Spring

Send an invitation to Spring!

1. Force tulips in your laundry room.
2. Take a lilac bubble bath.
3. Browse the vintage seed packets at your favorite store.
4. Fasten heirloom vegetable seed packets onto a grapevine wreath with seam binding.
5. Buy a modest bouquet of flowers.
6. Visit medieval gardens on websites.
7. Wear a touch of pastel everyday.
8. Go birdwatching.
9. Show off a floral tablecloth.
10. Read a delightful "flower" poem each day.
11. Journal about your reading!

How are you welcoming Spring?


Anonymous said...

These are wonderful ideas to invite spring... thanks for the list!

The Blue Ridge Gal

Anonymous said...

The daffodils, and crocus are up here in Texas with tulips beginning to sprout. The temperature here yesterday was in the mid 70's. Hooray!! Spring is here.


Tess said...

Open your windows and breath in the crisp fresh air when the sun is high and bright. Ah yes, that is when I sense spring is in the air.....
and the lilac bubble bath sounds pretty good too!

i think i know said...

I buy daffodils and put the in my grandmothers milk glass vase.