Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Creating Reality

I was just visiting Valerie at Val's Simple Passions. She created a beautiful tatted heart for Valentine's Day. The simplicity of the heart was fabulous.... so sweet. Then she took her beautiful heart to a new height yesterday. She added just enough "bling" to her creation to lift a work day's gray cloud! What a delight to have a work evolve to become more than the first expression! Writing and art should help define a kinder reality for us when the world goes a little haywire, don't you think? Our creativity takes on a new dimension when it lifts us from a "blah" day into a quiet, satisfying evening with our muse! The art becomes an heirloom in the artist's diary. Go take a look at Val's treasure by clicking on this post's title.

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Valerie said...

Hey thanks so much for your fabulous words, Summer Gypsy. I'm really touched. You are very kind to bring this little piece of my 'frustrated creation' out of its corner.