Monday, February 23, 2009

Cottage Cabinet

I happened upon an article, "Show Me Your Kitchen Cabinet." Among all the pictures of the chic cabinets filled with beautiful china and kitchsy art, this tiny "cupboard" posed. I love it! To me, it speaks WABI-SABI. The cups and bowls sit precariously on the top shelf. If one could examine the vessels closely, their imperfections would tell such a charming story. The cups have brimmed with coffee shared by friends and neighbors. They have held the hot chocolate that immersed the owner in solitude. The bowls have offered up hot soup that comforted one through the "sniffles." Oh, yes! Looking closer, it's very obvious. These "close at hand" everyday china pieces have held more than drink and food. They have encased time well spent! (Photo from House Beautiful)


Tess said...

What a wonderful way of looking at this old cabinet and t's accompaniments. I love the peeling painted wall behind it too.

Michelle said...

That is the sweetest cabinet ever! Very unique as well and I loved how you told the sweet story. :)