Sunday, February 1, 2009

The bLESSings of LESS

I was intrigued to meet "wabi-sabi." Last week on my quest for more information about the Japanese philosophy, I found two books by Richard R. Powell. I ordered both! What a paradox! The first arrived in yesterday's mail. I haven't had enough time to really delve into the pages, but I did take one quick read on simplicity. Symbolism abounds in Powell's words.

It is possible to make a garden a burden. Elaborate arbors and fences, demanding special plants, and labor intensive lawns can make a garden a place to continue the "busyness" of everday life that is led in the world of excess. It is better to tend to a few chosen bonsai trees that give pleasure than to work doggedly in an extensive garden overrun with weeds and grass.
(Paraphrased from Wabi Sabi Simple)

I am so intrigued by the message that wabi-sabi imparts that I am coining my own phrase for its "essence." To me, wabi-sabi reveres "the bLESSings of LESS." In a few weeks, I will be sharing my printed offering with that title. So, please stay tuned! The pages will include short essays and word "art" that invites readers to retreat from more, more, more!


Michelle said...

I've never heard of this! I can't wait to see your short essays. :)

Lynn said...

That makes a LOT of sense :) Sometimes we just need someone to show us the way, and I am really liking this Wabi Sabi :) Thank you so much for sharing this.