Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Trading Hours

One of my friends used to laugh when I would get caught up in nostalgia. I would just respond with, "I know. I'm just a sentimental fool." From time to time, I still take a traipse back through memory lane, but I'm doing it less. I'm learning that too much nostalgia can interfere with making new memories.

A few years ago, I also started borrowing trouble that might be part of tomorrow. I have really tried to keep that one in check..though, my daughter might tell you differently. She is the invincible 32! Oh, I remember that fabulous decade!!! Wait a minute...I need to stop that..A glimpse is fine..but, I must keep yesterday and tomorrow in their own places. Today is the gift that I need to open and cherish.

I will not trade one hour of yesterday nor borrow one hour of tomorrow. I know that today is the only present reality.


Michelle said...

Oh I know it's hard to stay present but as you say, a glimpse into the past is just fine. :)

Kathy said...

Beautiful words Marilyn.