Sunday, October 26, 2008

Time Well Spent

Sherry at Esprit d'Art shared an insightful post on time yesterday. It prompted me to once again do a reality check. I need to do that from "time to time." LOLOL!!! Her post was again the reminder that we only have so much time. It's not replenishable.

Doesn't time always seem to be a foe? A few months ago the adversary and I had a "Come to Jesus meeting." Something was amiss, but I just couldn't put the problem into words. I had been ignoring time's real presence. Sure I had a schedule, but it was only set by the clock on the wall not by my intrinsic watch.

August and most of September brought me to a reflective table. On this table 24 hours were served. The main course of the week would be work. But, not just work...meaningful work once more!! Around this entree, I could be served appetiizers and desserts. First, I had to clear some space!

Working from home has its ups and downs! It was my own folly that had gradually let a few bad habits from a few clients make the workday seem long and somewhat unproductive. A few had fallen from grace with early appointments and late cancellations. It wasn't done in a mean spirit, just one of their unawareness until I spoke up! I gave my needs and the needs of any service company its voice again. Early doorbell rings for appointments,late pickups after the session, and last minute cancellations were no longer acceptable. In retrospect, only 3 or 4 clients were really taking advantage of my silence. But, at the table of reflection on that August morning, it seemed like everyone was in control of my time off time, my "on" time and my "down" time....except ME!! By putting the work schedule in its proper place, I was giving it more integrity. I could face my day with energy and confidence that the schedule was not going to throw a curve every few hours. I was giving validitiy to needs that had seemed so selfish to me before.

With the new work schedule behind me, I started to weed out unnecessary tasks. On a previous post, I shared about deleting the P.O. Box. A mundane little visit to that box took quite a bit of time weekly. Minutes add up!!

Next, I tackled the telephone!!!! Now, the telephone and I have been in love since I was 13. So, like any "love connection," I needed to practice restraint! I couldn't be too available anymore with friends who called a few minutes before my workday began or a few minutes after my workday ended. Glitch resolved!

Gradually, I have whittled away at other time wasters!!!
The daily schedule is now somewhat more manageable. Perfect won't ever happen, but I can take "manageable." My morning appetizers are a walk, a quick look at my favorite blogs, and coffee! My desserts are art swaps, reading, gardening,lunch with a friend, and my fur babies....Since we all need variety, I can change those desserts on a whim's notice!

Now the weekends???? They are all mine to share with my family! I so covet that time now. If clients need me on Saturday, I decline very graciously. While taking control of our time without apologizing might seem selfish, it is a most unselfish act. Everyone gains in our life when we have energy and enthusiasm.

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Angelina's Trinkets said...

Your post here is fabulous and seems to be all the things that have been buzzing in my own thoughts since I left work a year ago. I've tried and tried to set up schedules, but seems like everyone else needs my time more than I do. I'm going to reread your post a couple more times as this really means something to me. Funny how time gets away and passes into a whole year. I love your last paragraph, "While taking control of our time without apologizing might seem selfish, it is a most unselfish act."

Thank you for the heartfelt inspirations,