Monday, October 13, 2008

Gratitude for Autumn Gothic Arch Swap

As I stepped outside in the early morning today, I felt a light mist of rain as it gently watered the last buds of summer's flowers. Looking across the way, leaves were drifting to the ground. There was a gray cast to the clouds in the sky. Nature in all of her glory melting one season into another. As the day skittered by, the clouds lifted slightly, but the feeling of autumn had settled into place. No sun rays could rob autumn of her entrance. The sights, sounds, and smells of the harvest season are arriving in time to greet gatherings in the weeks ahead. Our gratitude journals should be overflowing.

Perhaps, you would like to join me in creating a Gothic Arch that captures your thanks for Autumn's own art show! Come hither and read below!

To view lovely arches please visit

Here are the details:
1. Leave a comment on this post that you would like to participate.
2. Include a blog address or email address in your comment so that you can be contacted.
3. Look for your partner's name and contact information in your email on Oct. 25th.
4. Arrange with your partner a mailing date.
5. Email me a picture of your arch before mailing to your partner. This insures that everyone is happy with the pic that I will use on my blog's slideshow.

This is my first Gothic Arch, but I have admired them on many blogs for quite awhile. So, let's go for it!


Sherry said...

Of all the things I have created, I have never done a Gothic Arch, though I have always admired them. Heather & Kathy (ladies, that came out alphabetically but you also must understand I have cousins with those names, Heather being the older one I've always called them Heather & Kathy so that's my brain working, even at this early hour of the morning!!) have done them and they create beautiful arches.

Count me in Marilyn...time to try something new!

Rhondamum said...

Well, I can't resists a challenge. I have never made an arch of any kind, so this will be nice, doing something new. Count me in and thanks for all of your hard work!


Gena said...

I want to play too!!! What a great theme for a Gothic arch!