Thursday, September 18, 2008

Recipe for Inner Peace

Seek happiness more in your mind and less in the acquisition of things. Be so happy in your mind that nothing that comes can possibly make you unhappy. Then, you can get along without things you have been accustomed to. Be happy knowing you have acquired the power not to be negative. Know, too, that you will never again become so materially minded that you forget your inner happiness, even if you become a millionaire. - Yogananda from How to Be Happy All The Time

While I am posting recipes...I received this in my email today. The words really capture my mindset for the last several weeks. It occurred to me a couple of months ago that I had become my job! As much as I love tutoring my students and sharing my love of math with them, I have more lives to lead on my journey. So, I decided to slowly take time to make time to start those lives. I looked at my schedule and decided to get rid of the "necessities" that aren't so necessary anymore. I have been decluttering the days. For the last 11 years I have had a P.O. Box. It has long lost its purpose from the days of mass mailings to/from clients. Why was I holding on to it? Closing the P.O. Box saves an hour for every day that I don't go there. That one small step gifted me with 3-5 hours a week to dabble in writing, art, reading, walking, and reflecting. Those are the non tangibles that I want to have peppered throughout my days....not more dollars...more time to enjoy the simple life.


Sherry said...

Powerful words. Letting go...and finding peace and contentment. Why do we "chain" ourselves down so? Excellent reminder Marilyn ♥

Anonymous said...

Thank you for commenting!I cannot get into that group anymore? Perfect quote! I have no cell phone,car,credit cards and always considered myself a misfit and weirdo!I wish I had a family..I can relate to coco Chanels story that was on Lifetime TV!
I love your artwork!

Patti said...

Great message Marilyn - congrats on finding some 'new' time in your days!
I saw the tin Sherry received from a gal in your seasonal tin swap - it is so cool!!
take care!