Tuesday, August 5, 2008

August Dog Days

I remember as a young child my mom talking about the "dog days" of August. Surely, this month was given the nickname because it is so hot here in the South that all you want to do is lazy around with a tall glass of iced tea.... Not so different from my dogs that lie around the back porch napping their cares away! Where has the summer gone? School is back in session here next week. Oh, the sighs you can hear from my students who come for tutoring. So, I am taking a bit of a break from that wonderful subject of math in the next couple of days to energize for the new school year! I intend to just be a "lazy dog" and finish up a tag swap...maybe, visit the thrift store (it's been awhile), take a dip in the pool, and, just breathe!!!!!!!!!!


Sherry said...

I've always loved the "dog days of August"...it's such a lazy old time!!

Summer just seems to fly anymore...it CAN'T be because we are getting "older" Marilyn!!! no way!!! ;)

Summer doesn't end here until Labour Day weekend and then all the kiddies head back to school...and that will be here before I know it!

And my toes are tapping away to "Do You Believe in Magic", one of my all time favourites!!! ;)

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Love the song playing!! The hot and humid days are making me look for to FALL!!