Thursday, July 10, 2008

By the Sea...By the Sea!

Thank you, Suze!!! Suze was my partner for our Summer Daze Altered Tin Swap. I love it!!! I have had problems adding pictures to our swap album on Picasa. So, for now I am posting the front of the tin. The inside is just as awesome. Suze used glass beads for the ocean and sand. Fabulous bling!! There is a dreamy sand castle inside. The front quote reads, "Near the sea we forget to count the days." Inside, a young girl is gazing over at a young boy's sandcastle...It reads, "Her mother warned her to stay away from boys with big sand castles." Then, on the facing side, "but he made her head spin with summer love." Around the outer rim of the tin,"Maybe you remember when we met...on the beach...From that day we'd always be together!" Does that bring back any memories of summer loves??? I love, love, love the sentiments and the entire tin! I have more pics of tins to post. If Picasa will just cooperate!!


Anonymous said...

Suze has created a beautiful tin Marilyn!! I love the depth on the front -- you can "see" the sand and the water...excellent effects. And the sentiments are SO very summer!!!

Loving the "summertime" music you've chosen to play as well!

Heather Robinson said...

Oh boy, this tin just makes me yearn for the beach! Isn't that Sherry such a sweetheart. I so enjoyed receiving a tin from her and I'm sure you did too!! How are you my dear friend? Are you enjoying all of the delights of summer? Yes, yes, I am thinking about the autumn tin....and the winter one! Can you tell I adore this project?