Friday, May 9, 2008

Amulet Bag Swap

Here is the amulet bag that I recently crocheted for Mary at 14 Secrets. This was a fun swap. Amulet bags are worn or carried for their healing powers. Mary emailed that she would like my creation for her to represent honor in body and spirit. So, I included a heart talisman for honor in loving oneself; a paper flower to remind one of inner as well as physical beauty; and a pink jasper stone for strength to maintain integrity in one's public life. Three quotes placed on paper medallions referred to the 3 remembrance tokens. I also included a meditation circle with 3 charms of joy, honor, and belief. It has been quite awhile since my crochet hook "sang." I really enjoyed sharing crochet in this art swap.


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Rainbow Lady said...

Thanks for your comments and glad to behere. I love your blogs and your taste in music a wonderful. I could just sit and listen. I love this Amulet bag - I can't crochet but can admire from afar.
Love Cynthia x