Friday, April 11, 2008

Dogwood Winter

Yesterday afternoon my neighbor told me that we were having "blackberry winter." I have heard those words since I was a child.I knew that he was referring to a "cold snap" when everyone thought that spring was here to stay. This morning I did a bit of research to get a "proper" definition. I found that we are actually having a "dogwood winter." Dogwood winters occur between mid-April and mid-May. Blackberry winters are traditionally nicknamed such for cold weather only in the month of May. Either kind of winter is a Southern term, referring to the last cold temps of the season.
Weather fascinates me. Sometimes I think there is the heart of a meteorologist residing in my psyche. I have even caught myself starting most conversations about the weather. It becomes amusing sometimes. Have to get the weather question out of the way before any meaningful talk! LOLOL!
I liked the term "blackberry winter" so much that I have decided to add another blog in cyberspace. Yes, it's called Blackberry Winter. It is under construction right is my Mint Julep Cottage blog that I am designing to feature flea market finds and a few altered art offerings. I have not one idea of the content of Blackberry Winter, but I had an overwhelming urge to create it. So, I know there is a purpose! I will post when each or both blogs are ready to view! Hey, Heather, what was that we were saying about over committing? LOLOL!!!

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Heather Robinson said...

Marilyn, Honestly, overcommitting or not, I just love that you act upon your desires and listen to those still, small voices because I think they lead one to amazing place. I, for one, will be visiting Mint Julep Cottage and Blackberry them different parts of yourself! Congratulations. I so enjoy reading your posts.