Sunday, March 30, 2008

April showers bring May flowers!

Last night more welcomed rain fell. It was accompanied by lots of lightning and thunder. Of course, my dogs went bananas. At the first sign of a storm, Suzy starts pacing. Nothing will calm her down until the rain slows to a trickle. She is sleeping peacefully beside me now as I type. Toby, the sweetest border collie in the whole world, is catching his "z's" as well. He would be more than just a little hurt if his name was not mentioned! LOLOL! I loved listening to the rumble of thunder. The sound of the rain pounding on the windows always makes me sleepy.
Oh, my! I haven't posted in almost a week. It was a busy week with students. I was also to slip in some yard work...still a long way to go. Next weekend is already flagged for planting azaleas. I purchased cayenne and sweet pepper plants yesterday. I will plant them in containers and keep watch daily....literally! I do hope that the "crop" produces lots of hot pepper...maybe, even enough for pepper sauce. Of course, the rains must come at just the right time. The temps must be in the mid to high 90's for a "bumper crop" in June and July. I have never figured out why I crave hot peppers. Mexican is my favorite cuisine....the hotter the sauce, the better.
On another note, I have received some beautiful tins from the players in the Spring Fever altered tin swap. It was such fun that we will be continuing throughout the seasons so that all those who like will have a "vignette" of tins. I cannot believe the beautiful work that I have received. Talk about "eye candy!" They are also a feast for the soul that has longed for the spring through the cold winter. For those familiar with Somerset Studio....Each tin could very easily dress the pages of that prestigious magazine. I will be posting pictures shortly. If you would like to join us for the remaining "seasons" of altering tins, look for an announcement of details in the next couple of weeks. I would like to get the current swap finished before offering the next. Hope your day is full of sunshine and decorated with daffodils and hyacinths....ah, Lady Spring wears such wonderful perfume!


Kathy~Vintage Snaps & Scraps said...

I can not tell you how excited I am to recieve my tin in the swap. I will be waiting...

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Hi Marilyn! Can't wait to see your photos!