Sunday, March 9, 2008

SPRING HAS ARRIVED! I know it...I just know it! Yesterday morning we had 1 inch of snow. By mid afternoon it was all gone except for the corner of my deck which is very shady...It was like spring was bustling in to say, "Time's up for your stay, winter!!! Now be gone for awhile!" This afternoon our temps are approaching 60! I do believe that today is SPRING's official hello no matter what the calendar says! I also know that losing one hour of sleep because of daylight savings time's "springing forward" was not fun this morning.. Looking on the bright side, I am off to take a walk later this evening because we have more "sun" time. So, isn't that just life? One door closes, and a window opens for new opportunities to wing their way to us. I purchased 3 pots of tulips last week. I placed them on my screened porch this afternoon. I hope to see the buds soon. I also have a new "tea rose" in blushing pink. I couldn't resist the pale blush on its blooms. Tomorrow will be a good day for starting some of the heirloom seeds in peat pots. What will you be planting in your gardens?


Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Hello friend! I am so ready for spring and it is almost here. This week forecast is in the 60's so I know it is just around the corner! I bought soma cala lily bulbs today for one of my planters. We have been suffering from a drought here in Georgia for the last few years. And have been banned from watering. Last year all of my annuals died because we had nearly no rain and were under strict watering restrictions. You should see our poor pitiful lake. Am waiting to see how our water supply picks up. This year I may just have to plant a few planters for color as I don't want to invest in all those annuals just to have them die from lack of water. We will see! Take care!

Sherry ~ Cherie ~ ms. herbes de provence said...

I love tulips and think I will buy some when I'm out tomorrow getting my groceries done -- there's no hope of any tulips here for at least another month...just too much ice and snow.