Monday, February 4, 2008

Where Do Butterflies Go When It Rains?

It is Monday, and it is raining, raining, raining. I have always liked dreary days...They seem to beckon reflection and rejuvenation. Perhaps, that is why, as the drops fall, I always think of the children's book Where Do Butterflies Go When It Rains? Butterflies reflect change. The rain cleanses the spirit and makes way for new inspiration. My annual January cold struck a day late on Friday. I am feeling much better after lots of soup and sleep over the last couple of days. I visited the ONE World-ONE Heart blog last night. I was so taken by the number of blogs that have joined in heart felt giveaways. I'm proud to say that I am a part of this great event! Look for the link on the side bar to the left under Favorite Places to Visit. Click the link and check out the beautiful blogs that Lisa has listed to enter some fabulous drawings. If cancer has touched your life or a loved one's visit the link to Girl Gone Thread Wild (Monica's Site) to join in the 2 x 2 square event. By the way, I changed the drawing date on my giveaway to February time for Valentine's Day. I will host another drawing on February 26th! Your name will stay in the hat for the second!!! Yea, two drawings...two chances...I will post a pic of the second item on Valentine's Day! Good luck! The rain inspired the change!

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Reeva said...

GREAT giveaway! I hope I'm the lucky winner!! :)