Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday Morning Muse

Well, the art muse has been visiting all weekend! My art table is cleared. My precious healing button doll is on her way to Lore in Vermont. Lore hosted the healing doll swap in our art group. Thanks, Lore!!! I will miss Grace Eternal, but I know that she will find a wonderful soul to share her healing spirit! Grace's pic is on this posting. Speaking of art!!! All you artists out there..PLEASE..join the Spring Fever Altered Tin swap. Details are on a post to the pretty Bohemian lady. I think there's a reason we call it spring fever!!! Wanderlust starts filling our soul. The first sunny day makes everyone smile. It's good to be alive. Only a few days until the GIVEAWAY!! I still have some more beautiful blogs to visit.

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