Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Call for Captions Giveaway!

Creating an original caption for an old photograph inspires the muse. Beginning today, I am hosting a "Call for Captions Giveaway." To enter, just leave an original quote pertaining to the pic in the comment section of the posted photo. One writer's caption will be selected. The caption with credit to the author will be announced on March 1st. In additon to showcasing your way with words, the winner will receive a small token ...yes, keep the inspiration flowing! All are invited to enter. Be sure to leave a blog address or email so that I can contact you! Now, look at the lady featured on this post!!! Write that quote/caption!


Sherry said...

I'm in a completely silly mood today -- put it down to the deep freeze weather ----

"I Can't Dance, Don't Ask Me"

~*~ said...

Here is mine:
"If you have to ask, you can't afford it"
hee, hee

Anonymous said...

Neat idea. I've often been inspired by photos, etc.
How about, "I'll never tell!" for a caption?

ahiltz said...

Here is mine:

"Where, Oh, Where Has My Little Dog Gone?"

I don't know who wrote that classic song, but she looks to me like a damsel in distress, perhaps sad that her little dog is lost! Hope you like it!

judie said...

"Hurry and take the picture. My hat is blowing away!"

That's mine! What a neat idea! I never got a chance to come visit after you visited my blog during the OWOH giveaway. But finally I'm here. Nice to meet you! :)